Joys of expat life

I’m back in the United States right now, enjoying six weeks of paid vacation. This is one of the great benefits of working overseas: a long annual leave, with paid airfare back to your country of citizenship. 

What I didn’t anticipate was how little access I’d have to the internet. And, therefore, what a terrible time it was to start my new blog. 

I am using some time this summer to prepare two presentations, one at the Library Assessment Conference in Seattle in August and another for Internet Librarian International in London in October.

But I’m also doing plenty of just hanging out with my family. I hope your summer is as relaxing!


Welcome to the Chatty Librarian!

This blog is dedicated to the discussion of public services within academic librarianship. I’m Joan, the blog creator and administrator, an Instruction and Reference Librarian at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. 

Working in Egypt is great–I’ll talk about that more in future posts–but I am missing the conversations I had with classmates in library school, and colleagues from when I worked at UNC and Duke University Libraries. Working overseas can feel professionally isolating. So this blog is an attempt to recreate some of those conversations, virtually.

I’ve also invited other professionally young librarians to contribute to the conversations that just can’t wait for national conferences. 

Please join us in these conversations by commenting on the blog or emailing me at chattylibrarian at gmail.